Painting from Photos with Doug Swinton

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Although painting plein-air on sight is king for lively meaningful landscape paintings, many paintings are done using a photograph for reference material. In this workshop with Doug you will gain insight into the potential pitfalls of painting from photos and learn some tips and essential skills to help create successful paintings using photos.

The workshop will touch on such things as: taking good reference photos, how photos lie, and the “Less is More” concept.

Bring photos of your own and let Doug show you how to turn them into something useful or help you realize when a particular photo reference is just not going to be very useful at all. The workshop is based on landscape painting but much of the information presented applies to painting from any photographic reference material.

Doug will be working in oils but is happy to help each student with any medium they wish to work in.

All supplies will be available at the studio, but we encourage you to bring your own – for advice on how to work with what you have and learn about essentials that you should consider investing in.

Registration is required as space is limited to comply with Covid restrictions.