About Us

Wheatland Society of Arts was officially incorporated in November of 1986. Since then it has seen times of struggle and times of strength. Currently, WSA is strong and gaining strength as awareness of the importance of art is evolving in Strathmore and Wheatland County as well as provincially and nationally.

The focus of WSA has been on offering visual arts classes to adults. It does this with two sessions of 10 consecutive weekly art class each year (Spring Session and Fall Session), additional art workshops, art shows organized by WSA for its members, participation in collective arts events such as festivals, and by being invited by other groups to be part of local events.

Three persistent goals of WSA are to expand current adult offerings, to develop extensive programming opportunities for kids and teens, and to find a permanent dedicated space for the society to call “home.” Pervading these goals will be renewed efforts to build increased awareness of Wheatland Society of Arts in our community, county, and surrounding regions.

So please tell everyone you can to check out our website and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see what opportunities for arts we are creating next. Thanks so much!